Monday, September 16, 2013

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Casino Cleaning Machine?

commercial carpet extractor
One of the first things noticeable about high-end casinos is their furnishing. Casinos use plush carpets and furniture with comfortable upholstery. For casino cleaning, carpet cleaning machines that are efficient and designed for commercial use are required.

A commercial carpet extractor is suitable for cleaning carpets and fabric upholstery. Usually, a carpet extractor, also called a carpet cleaner or carpet shampooer, has temperatures as high as 210°F. This machine is suitable for cleaning very dirty, greasy carpets. Hot water also works out the stains from the carpets, making them appear brighter.

Regular carpet cleaning enhances carpet life and keeps the carpets looking glossy for years. Dust tends to make the carpets dull, which is why cleaning these surfaces on a regular basis is highly recommended. Only a high-quality carpet cleaner is suitable for casino cleaning.

Some carpet cleaners have lower temperatures, of up to 140°F, but they are suitable for commercial cleaning where carpets are not very dirty and very high temperatures are not needed. In addition, many carpets cannot withstand too much heat, so lower levels of heat are ideal for washing these carpets.

Some contractors use machines without heating devices for casino cleaning. These machines cannot heat water, but accept hot water at the inlet for carpet washing. These machines cost less than heated carpet cleaners.

Casino cleaning is easier, if the carpet cleaners are used in combination with an eco-friendly detergent. These biodegradable chemicals do not impact the environment adversely. They are non toxic, non hazardous, and do not cause fires, so choosing the right products for casino cleaning is important.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Should Rug Shampooers Be Bought From Reputed Suppliers Only?

Rug Shampooer
Removing dirt and grime from carpets in residential or commercial settings requires the use of rug shampooers that are durable, efficient, and feature the latest technologies. Many people believe that vacuuming is enough for cleaning carpets, but dirt locked deep in between the carpet fibers can only be eliminated with the use of technologically-advanced rug shampooers with powerful extraction. Some of the reputed suppliers like Daimer® offer an array of high-powered, productivity-enhancing, rugged carpet cleaning machines.

Rug shampooers from the best brands come with the following features:

1) High Temperatures: A carpet cleaning equipment from the most renowned supplier can create temperatures up to 210º F for getting rid of hardened deposits.
2) High Pressure: Daimer®'s rug shampooers can generate pressures as high as 500 psi for the most difficult cleaning tasks.
3) Large Solution and Recovery Tanks: A high-grade machine, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, comes with a large solution tank size of 17 gallon and a recovery tank size of 15 gallon for non-stop cleaning.
4) Low Flow Technology: Low-flow machines take less water for cleaning and are considered as eco-friendly.
5) Fast Drying Times: Machines with reduced water usage do not soak the carpet padding and dry the carpets fast. Daimer®'s rug shampooers can even dry the carpets in as little as one hour.
6) Auto-fill and Auto-dump: These features let the system handle the inflow of clean water and outflow of dirty water.
7) Extreme Extraction: Machines from the best brands offer extraction that is equivalent to another vacuum motor. High extraction does not leave any residues and leaves the carpets clean for a long time.
8) Durability: Reputed suppliers like Daimer® use the best materials in their machines for excellent customer experience.

Therefore, while buying a carpet cleaning equipment, just make sure you get it from a brand that has a reputation in the market for supplying top-quality cleaning machines.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Portable Extractors: Simplifying Commercial Carpet Maintenance

portable carpet extractor
Carpet maintenance in high-traffic areas like offices, retail stores, malls, or boutiques is a challenging task that demands the use of the best cleaning machines. Vacuuming simply does not help extract the tough dirt deposits, mud, and stains on carpet surfaces. It is also ineffective in eliminating particulate deposits trapped between the carpet fibers. Cleaning experts, therefore, recommend using the best portable extractors for carpet cleaning in commercial settings.

In commercial environments, cleaning professionals must be able to clean the carpets and ensure that they are dry and usable within a few hours. For this reason, the latest versions of portable extractors now come with low flow technology that enables efficient cleaning while keeping water consumption minimal. Since the carpets do not get too wet when cleaned with low-flow portable extractors, the drying rates are exceptionally high, allowing the carpets to dry completely in one to six hours.

To ensure reliable and efficient performance for years even with daily use for extended periods, the portable extractors from leading suppliers come with solid construction and high-grade components. The quality heating systems in heated versions of commercial carpet cleaner machines help generate hot moisture at consistently high temperatures even across long hours of use.

Portable extractors, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, will be perfect for maintaining carpets in commercial areas. Featuring the low-flow technology, this rug washer helps keep water usage to a minimum. It comes with large solution and recovery tanks, so that users can continue cleaning carpets for long periods without refilling or disposing water. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

How a High Quality Wand Ensures a Better Extraction In a Carpet Shampooing Machine?

Carpet Shampooing Machine
A carpet shampooing machine is used for cleaning carpets in commercial and domestic locations. If you are a contractor, you need to invest in a high-quality carpet shampooing machine that combines efficiency, affordability, and durability to offer fast, effective, and profitable cleaning.

Most contractors are not aware of the importance of the wand. A carpet shampooing machine may have different types of wands, depending on the application. If you are planning to clean fabric upholstery on furniture or on car seats, you need to invest in a smaller wand. This wand is usually four inches in dimension.

For regular carpet cleaning, you need a larger wand. This 12 inches wand is designed to help clean carpets efficiently. The best carpet shampooing machine has a durable, high-quality wand that is corrosion resistant. Whichever kind of wand you purchase, ensure that it is corrosion resistant because wands are exposed to high levels of detergents and other chemicals that could damage less durable materials like aluminum.

Modern wands from brands like Daimer® incorporate a special technology that allows up to 60 percent more suction, leaving carpets dry after washing. This is a particularly important feature considering that fast carpet drying is vital to preventing mold. In addition to special wands, high vacuum pressure and low-flow are the other features that enable faster drying of carpets. Whatever be your carpet cleaning requirements, they can easily be fulfilled using a carefully chosen carpet shampooing machine accessorized with the right wand.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Uneven Floors Can Be Cleaned Using Stone Floor Cleaners?

Stone Floor Cleaners
There are very few machines that can be used for cleaning rough, uneven surfaces. Stone floor cleaners are among these rare few types of machines that are used for cleaning various kinds of floors, such as the ones made of linoleum, marble, stone, porous limestone tile, or rubber.

Stone floor cleaners are particularly useful for commercial cleaning applications because these machines are designed for cleaning large floor surfaces. These machines are used for cleaning basements, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, yards, parking lots, and other areas. Stone floor cleaners are generally carpet cleaners that feature a wand attachment with a spinner head. The spinner rotates and removes dirt from hard surfaces. The rotating motion of the spinner is powerful enough to remove different kinds of grime, including grease, mold, and similar matter from floors.

Some stone floor cleaners come with spinners that rotate using water pressure, which is ineffective in removing tough layers of grime. The best stone floor cleaners from brands like Daimer® feature motorized spinners which are more powerful and the rotating motion is, therefore, more effective in removing dirt. The company's hard floor cleaning systems like the XTreme Power ® HSC 13000 come with 19” and 9” motorized spinner heads for cleaning both small and large surfaces.

The most advanced stone floor cleaners feature simultaneous extraction, which reduces time and labor requirements for cleaning floors. Another interesting fact about these machines is there versatility. When used with the right wand, these machines can also be used as carpet cleaners, pressure washers, wall cleaning systems, and more. Hard surface cleaners have many other advantages, such as lowered decibel levels. These advantages have made stone floor cleaners the ideal choice for cleaning uneven, large hard surfaces.

Friday, January 4, 2013

What Aspects to Look For In a Commercial Carpet Shampooing Machine?

Carpet Shampooing Machine
It is almost impossible to effectively maintain large, carpeted areas in commercial settings without a powerful carpet shampooing machine. The high traffic is primarily responsible for the considerable amount of dust, dirt, mud, grease, and other deposits that find their way into the carpets in places, such as restaurants, retail stores, malls, schools, and theaters. Such tough applications demand the use of powerful and heated models of carpet shampooers.

Carpet Cleaning was Never so Simple
A top-grade carpet shampooing machine available from the best supplier in the industry features the latest technologies designed to simplify carpet cleaning applications, cuts down the time needed for cleaning processes, enhances the end result, and gets the carpets dry as soon as possible. The carpet extractor systems also come with advanced extraction and disposal system intended to improve productivity.

A carpet shampooing machine with high temperatures works better in dissolving tough deposits and stains from carpets. The low flow technology ensures lower use of water and guarantees that carpet dry faster. To make it easier for users to move around while cleaning, the carpet shampooing machine must be portable as well.

The XTreme Power® XPH-5800T from Daimer® is a commercial version of carpet shampooing machine empowered with low technology function, pressure levels of 170 psi, and efficient extraction capabilities. The tank heater heats water to temperatures as high as 150ºF in just 15 minutes. The carpet washer features low flow function that helps leave carpets dry in about four hours. The 25 feet long hose enables users to maintain around 200 square feet of carpeted areas without having to move the machine.