Sunday, June 20, 2010

Carpet Extractors: Low-Flow Technology and Its Advantages

Advantages of Carpet Extractors
Low-flow carpet extractors use minimal water for cleaning carpets. It is a common misconception that carpet cleaning requires large amounts of water, particularly when completed on a commercial scale. If you have contracts for cleaning carpets, sofas and chair covers, car seats, rugs, and other upholstery, the use of excessive amounts of water will leave these surfaces soaked, requiring up to 24 hours or more to dry completely. In addition, this excessive dampness for lengths of time can lead to mold and mildew growth. In the case of restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses, this extended period of time for which they cannot use their carpets is simply not an option. To provide the best carpet cleaning services to these types of clients, consider low flow machines.

Powerful Dirt Removal
Carpet extractors that use the low-flow technology offer the same cleaning power without using extreme quantities of water. For example, Daimer®’s XTreme Power® XPH-5900i is a hot water carpet cleaner with temperatures reaching 210°F. This machine has powerful vacuum extraction capabilities, with a water lift of 100 inches and air flow rate of 100 cfm. The water heats in as little as five minutes, reducing the waiting time and increasing productivity for commercial applications. Large water storage tanks also increase productivity by facilitating continuous operation.

Drying Time
Low-flow carpet extractors from Daimer® have a second advantage. These machines reduce drying time to 6 hours or less, compared with other carpet cleaners that require 24 hours or more to dry. Incompletely dried carpets encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. These can cause diseases ranging from allergies to food poisoning.

To get the best out of your carpet extractors, use them with green cleaning products rather than regular toxic detergents. Daimer®’s Eco-Green® carpet cleaning products combine natural ingredients with well-researched Micro-Blasting® technology. This results in effective washing, longer period of dirt-free carpets, with no resulting toxic runoffs or dangerous detergent residue in the carpet. Visit for more information on their low-flow carpet extractors.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Benefits of Using Heated Carpet Cleaners over Non-Heated Models

Benefits of Using Heated Carpet Cleaners
Many carpet extractors provide heated output. While conventional machines often relied on the agitation efficiency of the operator and cleaning chemicals used, newer models have the added benefit of high output temperatures. These temperatures, along with effective cleaning solutions, greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency of the machine. The following are some reasons why heated carpet extractors are a better choice than the non-heated models.

Heated machines provide an output temperature up to 210°F. The high temperature output helps in melting dirt residues that are otherwise hard to remove. As a result, heated carpet extractors can clean more stubborn and hard-bound residues than their non-heated counterparts.

Drying Time
Drying time is one of the most important considerations of carpet cleaning. Shorter drying times are a must for most business establishments. Low flow carpet cleaners with heated output ensure the shortest drying time. Machines with low flow technology use little amounts of water during the cleaning process, allowing carpets to dry quicker.
Carpet cleaners from Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning products, ensure a drying time between one to six hours. This is beneficial for retails shops, hotels, and other similar commercial buildings.

Eco Friendly Cleaners
The cleaning power of heated carpet extractors is powerful enough to clean difficult and stubborn stains. When used along with green cleaning chemicals, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, the power of heated carpet extractors can be enhanced even further while remaining eco-friendly and safe for the user. Toxic chemicals often ruin carpets and may cause health effects toward the user, but using green chemicals will ensure safety to the environment and people who encounter the chemical.

Daimer® offers both heated carpet extractors and green chemicals. For more details, visit .