Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carpet Extractors - Removing the Toughest Stains

Removing the Toughest Stains
Carpet extractors make cleaning carpets, upholstery, and floors easier and faster. With a carpet cleaning machine, you can remove spots, stains, grease, soot, gum, and dirt; ensuring better results than manually scrubbing with a brush and detergent. Carpet extractors, as the name suggests, can extract dirt that has seeped deep into the fabric.

For hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, malls, and other commercial establishments, a carpet extractor is a crucial investment. Carpet extractors allow you to keep carpets spotlessly clean, which is a challenge if the area has high pedestrian traffic for long hours. Appearance is everything in a commercial setting, and nothing ruins the look of your shop or hotel lobby as much as a grimy, stained carpet!

Removing Tough Stains
Regular cleaning keeps your carpets looking new day after day. It increases the life of upholstery and carpets, provided no harsh chemicals are used for cleaning. This is why Daimer®'s carpet extractors are so popular. They clean spots and stains, remove grease and caked dirt, and deal effectively with wine spills and ketchup stains without harming carpet fibers.

When buying commercial carpet extractors, seek information on air flow, water lift, temperature levels, and pressure levels. Daimer® offers heated and non-heated machines with varying airflow and pressure levels that can be used for almost every type of commercial carpet cleaning, ranging from small stores to large commercial complexes and carpet cleaning services. In addition, Daimer® offers Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner for use in combination with its carpet extractors. This non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe green cleaner can be pre-sprayed on carpets and used in the detergent chamber of machines for complete and safe carpet cleaning.

Visit to learn more about carpet cleaning machines and how they can be beneficial to your business.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Carpet Extractors with an Extra Edge

Extra Edge Carpet Extractors
When cleaning commercial or industrial areas, carpet extractors often deal with very tough applications. These cleaning machines are ideal for carpets that have dirt and stains soaked right down deep into the core of the fabric. As the name suggests, carpet extractors work toward lifting and removing this debris completely out of the carpet. However, Daimer® has gone a step further with these carpet cleaning machines and have introduced dual-function units that can do more than just clean carpets.

Daimer® has expanded its line of XTreme Power® carpet extractors, now offering units that are usable as hard surface cleaners as well. Opting for a unit that combines carpet extractors with hard surface cleaners is not only convenient, it can save a great deal of time and money as well.

The XTreme Power® XPH-5810CH is a good example of a machine suitable for carpet extraction and hard surface cleaning. As a carpet cleaner, this machine extracts virtually all dirt, dust, and debris from carpets; even stubborn food and drink stains can be removed quickly. This advanced cleaning is accomplished while leaving carpets drier with exclusive low-flow technology, boasting drying times of 4 hours. As a hard surface cleaner, this model can be used on most hard surfaces like concrete, marble, and linoleum. The unit can reach temperatures up to 150ºF with pressure levels of 100 psi. Just visit to learn more about carpet extractors, carpet shampooers and other carpet and floor cleaning products.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Powerful Carpet Extractors for Efficient Auto Detailing

Carpet Extractors for Auto Detailing
In spite of regular cleaning, it is not uncommon to find cars that smell like a combination of fries, socks, coffee, tobacco, and a wet dog. To eliminate years of stench, dust, and pollutants on your car upholstery and carpets, you need something more than just that hand-held vacuum. It is time to use carpet extractors.

The XTreme Power® series of powerful carpet extractors from Daimer® is a smart choice for cleaning vehicles since these carpet cleaners have been designed specifically for auto detailing purposes. The advanced, low-moisture cleaning technology of these carpet cleaners helps clean carpets and upholstery with very little water and thus helps speed up the drying process, an important aspect for cleaning cars where air-flow is at a minimum.

The XTreme Power® XPC-5700U is ideal for regular auto detailing tasks. This versatile carpet cleaning machine can also be used to clean seats, headliners, and footwells. The XTreme Power® XPC-5700U leaves carpets clean and dry in about 6 hours. If you need something more powerful, check out heated carpet extractors like the XTreme Power® XPH-5800TU. Within 15 minutes, this carpet cleaner can attain high temperatures of up to 158ºF and effectively remove tough stains and dirt from carpets and upholstery.

Extremely challenging car detailing jobs need powerful carpet extractors like the XTreme Power® 5900IU. This carpet cleaner is very popular among professional car cleaners due to its amazing cleaning power and quicker drying periods. With super-hot temperatures of around 210ºF, the XTreme Power® 5900IU can thoroughly clean your carpets and have them dry in just 2 hours.

To view more versions of carpet extractors for auto detailing jobs, visit

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bringing Out the Benefits in Choosing Advanced Carpet Extractors

Advance Carpet Extractors
Do you limit your carpet cleaning to regular vacuuming sessions? Or do you seek the help of professional cleaning services? All these methods may not actually be the best you can do for you or your carpets. For example, while vacuuming removes surface particles, it does not eliminate dirt and allergens trapped deep within the carpet fibers. Professional services — needless to say — will cost you big money. This is why you need to seek alternative options like using carpet extractors. The cleaning results offered by quality carpet extractors are often superior to the results you can expect from professional carpet cleaning agencies. It’s no wonder these carpet cleaning machines are very popular in residential and commercial settings.

Daimer® is a leading supplier of advanced carpet cleaning machines. Daimer® now offers you the XTreme Power® range of carpet extractors featuring the unique, low flow technology that will bring down the drying time of carpets. Carpets that are cleaned using traditional methods or conventional carpet cleaners need to be left for about 24 hours to dry out completely. By using XTreme Power® carpet cleaners your carpets will dry in just 1 to 6 hours. This low-moisture technology also avoids wasting water as there is very little moisture content in the steam generated by the carpet cleaner.

The XTreme Power® range of carpet extractors can attain high temperatures up to 210ºF. This super-high temperature level guarantees exceptional cleaning results. However, it is recommended to pre-spray the carpets with a green solution like Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner for the best results. To view the entire range of environment-friendly carpet extractors, visit

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exceptional Cleaning Power Of Dual Function Carpet Extractors

Dual Function Carpet Extractors
It often happens that one may not want to purchase numerous cleaning machines for use on different surfaces. For instance, you are unlikely to be enthusiastic about buying a carpet cleaner to maintain your carpets and a hard surface cleaner for your tiled floors. However, this is often essential in commercial and industrial facilities with different types of flooring. This is where you need to be aware of new, dual-function steam cleaners that offer you the cleaning capabilities of carpet extractors and hard surface cleaners in a single unit. Topping this list is the XTreme Power® XPH-5810CH from Daimer®.

The XTreme Power® XPH-5810CH is the perfect solution for those who are on the lookout for a powerful and reliable cleaning machine that cleans carpets as well as most hard surfaces. As carpet extractors, these machines use a carpet wand and low-flow technology to thoroughly shampoo and clean carpets while leaving them drier than traditional carpet cleaners. This means carpets dry in only 4 hours, allowing business owners to get back to business.

On hard surfaces, the XTreme Power® XPH-5810CH carpet extractors combine pressure levels of up to 100 PSI, low moisture technology and high temperatures of about 150ºF to efficiently clean hard surfaces with the special squeegee wand. Due to the low moisture technology, these machines do not soak hard floors, making them safe for use during business hours.

The cleaning power of these carpet extractors is greatly enhanced by the squeegee wand tool that enables simultaneous cleaning and extraction functions on hard surfaces like vinyl, linoleum, concrete, limestone, marble and tile floors or the carpet wand for removing residues deeply embedded in carpet fibers. To learn more about steam cleaners that also double as carpet extractors, visit

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Proper Way to use Carpet Extractors and Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Extractors
Carpet extractors are one of the tools needed for a well-rounded carpet cleaning job. It is true that carpet cleaning machines on their own are powerful cleaning machines. But, when you want to give your carpet a thorough cleaning that will also deodorize, it needs to be done in the right way.

The first step in cleaning your carpet is to vacuum. This is important since it can pick up a lot of dry dust and debris. However, you will need carpet extractors in order to tackle the really tough stains.

Daimer® does have an effective line of carpet extractors and carpet cleaners, but it is important to know how to use them. Before you even bring out the carpet cleaning equipment, the carpet must first be sprayed with a carpet cleaning solution. Eco-Green® Carpet Care is an ideal cleaning agent to use. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also covers and crystallizes the dirt particles for easy removal. This means that there is no sticky mess to deal with, and when you bring out your carpet extractors, they can easily pick up the debris and residue. Using green chemical cleaning agents on your carpet also means you do not have to worry about harmful chemical residues.

In general, carpet extractors are essentially used to loosen up and remove very stubborn debris or stains that have soaked deep into the material of the carpet. To deodorize carpets as well, consider a deodorizing green chemical like Eco-Green® Deodorizer & cleaner. There is much more information available on these carpet extractors and other cleaning machines and products at

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Low Flow Machines for Easy Cleaning

Most carpet extractors use too much water for cleaning. This has three drawbacks:
Low Flow Machines for Easy Cleaning
1. Scarcity of water can affect a carpet cleaning business.
2. Excessive water usage can increase costs associated with doing business
3. Carpets require hours to fully dry after cleaning.

Thanks to Daimer's low flow carpet extractors, even the most stubborn stains can be cleared away within minutes. Additionally, carpets dry in as few as 2-6 hours. Let’s look at a few of Daimer’s powerful models.

The XTreme Power® XPH-9600, suitable for commercial establishments, can heat water far more quickly than other machines. Use of low-flow technology also reduces the drying time to as little as two hours. The XTreme Power® XPH-9650 has an airflow rate of 200cfm and 150 inches water lift.

For commercial establishments that see a high degree of traffic, you need something that can clean carpets without requiring you to move them. The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 is a walk-behind machine that has a powerful pump and a broad cleaning path, making it ideal for frequent carpet cleaning in high traffic areas.

Some of Daimer's carpet extractors also feature auto-fill technology that allows you to keep cleaning without stopping to refill the water chamber. Auto-dump technology will automatically release the dirty water after cleaning into a designated drain or tank.

Without low-flow carpet extractors, you’re forced to use machines that need a lot of water for cleaning. The more water you use, the harder it is for the carpet to dry. If the carpet is not 100% dry when put it back into use, fungi can grow on floors and on the carpet’s surface. This can be bad for health and cause allergies in your employees and customers. Daimer's carpet extractors with low-flow technology prevent this by ensuring that carpets dry out completely within just a few hours after cleaning. See more at

Monday, June 29, 2009

Carpet Extractors - The Extra Auto Detailing Edge

Carpet Extractors
Carpet extractors are useful cleaning machines that can make almost any auto interior and upholstery look like new. As time goes by, vehicle interiors can pick up a lot of stains and dirt deposits. These can include relatively easy-to-clean substances like food crumbs or sand that settles in the foot-wells. But some dirt deposits aren’t as easy to clean. Things like paint or beverage spills can be very hard to get out of vehicle upholstery. Carpet extractors go a step further with interior auto detailing and tackle stains that ordinary carpet cleaners can’t get rid of.

Carpet extractors from Daimer® are the perfect way to deal with stains that are ground in deep into the upholstery or that have hardened over time. For example, let’s say that an ordinary soda spill happens on one of the backseats of your car. You’ll notice that even after you’ve wiped it up, the stain will darken and become hard. The area may also remain sticky, attracting dust and germs. With deposits like this, carpet extractors literally soak and lift the stain right out of the material. For very stubborn stains or hardened deposits, heated extraction units can be used.

For best results in auto detailing, it is necessary to pre-spray the carpet or upholstery prior to extraction. These machines will also ensure that deposits that may cause foul odors are also eliminated completely from your vehicle upholstery. More information on carpet cleaning equipment and a number of other cleaning machines can be found at the site

Friday, May 29, 2009

Carpet Extractors – Your Perfect Cleaning Partner To Attack Tea Or Coffee Stains

A coffee or tea stain can ruin your carpet – especially if the carpet is of a light shade. And everyone knows how hard it is to get rid of such stubborn stains. Scrubbing rigorously or Carpet Extractors- Cleaning Tea Or Coffee Stainsusing harsh chemicals to remove stains usually does more harm than good. So, is there a safe and effective way to save your carpets from such stains? Yes - with carpet extractors, cleaning your carpets and eliminating all kinds of tough stains is unbelievably simple.

Daimer® now brings you the XTreme Power ® range of carpet extractors that utilize the innovative and advanced low-moisture, low-flow technology with which your carpets will be cleaned like never before. Since very little water is used, these carpet extractors greatly aid in reducing the time required for drying your carpets. In fact the XTreme Power ® carpet cleaners bring down the drying time from the often suggested 24 hours to as little as 1-6 hours.

To enhance the cleaning results, Daimer® also brings you a great range of green carpet cleaning products. Combine the power of these non-toxic products with carpet extractors and you get an absolutely safe carpet cleaning solution for residential, industrial and commercial settings.

Check out the fantastic range of powerful carpet extractors and green cleaning solutions at

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Carpet Cleaners And Carpet Extractors - Is There A Difference?

Carpet cleaners and carpet extractors from Daimer® might seem like different terms for the same cleaning machine. While it’s certainly true that both machines share many similarities, Carpet Cleaners And Carpet Extractorsthey also have very distinct functions as well. Perhaps the most striking similarity of all is that they are powerful tools for getting your carpet really clean. Even for carpets that are kept outdoors and are subjected to heavy traffic and food spills, a good carpet cleaner and carpet extractor can totally eliminate any kind of stains or deposits. Better yet, they can also remove deep-seated bacteria and mold that may be living inside the fibers of the carpet material.

But what exactly is the difference? Technically, both carpet cleaners and carpet extractors are used for cleaning carpets. But an extractor goes a step further and offers a powerful cleaning option for dirt that is deeply ground into the carpet. A lot of stains end up soaking right into the core of the carpet - even if you manage to clean it superficially, there will always be some of the deposit left in the carpet. An extractor goes deep into the material, loosening up stains and deposits, making it easier to remove them quickly and easily.

For very tough-to-clean carpets, particularly ones that are outside or kept in public areas, it’s always best to use both a carpet cleaner and a carpet extractor. The extractor can easily loosen up even the toughest deposits while the cleaner ensures that it is all removed completely. You can learn more about these carpet cleaning machines and other cleaning products by visiting

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carpet Extractors - What They Are And How They Can Help

How Carpet Extractors Can Help
Carpet extractors are often confused with carpet cleaners - this is understandable, since both of them deal with powerful carpet cleaning. But the truth is that these two cleaning tools are slightly different. Extractors deal especially with stubborn deposits and stains that may be embedded deep within the carpet’s material. In fact, both carpet cleaners and extractors work the same way in removing debris from carpets by spraying water and/or solution into the carpet and extracting this water and solution, along with debris and other embedded materials.

The carpet extractors from Daimer® can help clean carpets that have deep-seated dirt and stains. In the case of outdoor carpets, these deposits are sometimes left for years and are only superficially cleaned using conventional cleaning methods. Carpet extractors delve right into the root of the deposit, breaking it down, making it easier to lift and remove it completely. This is particularly effective in dealing with stains that have soaked deep into the material of the carpet. Apart from that, these machines are effective in dealing with germs and bacteria as well as going right to the source of bad odors in carpets.

Using carpet extractors ensures that the carpet is really clean, right down to the foundation of the material. You don’t have to worry about germs, mildew, mold or other bacteria growth inside your carpet. Even carpets that come into constant contact with a large variety of dirt deposits can be effectively cleaned with these machines. You can learn more about these machines and other carpet cleaning tools by visiting

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tackle Upholstery Cleaning With Carpet Extractors

For those who aren’t familiar with carpet extractors, you might be wondering what the difference is between an extractor and a carpet cleaner. Technically, both of these machines operate in the same way - they use water and sometimes a special solution in order to clean carpets and upholstery. But that doesn’t mean that the two machines have identical uses. The truth is that there is a certain advantage to using carpet extractors.

Daimer® carpet extractors differ from ordinary carpet cleaners in that they not only clean but also extract dirt. The majority of carpet cleaners do a good job of removing superficial dirt - but if something has been deeply imbedded in the material, a cleaner usually isn’t enough. Extractors are best suited for carpets and upholstery that have deep-ground dirt, stains or grime build up. If the dirt deposits have been there for a long time, this means they have soaked into the core of the material, making them difficult for ordinary cleaners to remove. Carpet extractors are designed to lift out and remove dirt build up, debris and stubborn stains from your carpet or upholstery.

If the upholstery is in very bad shape, using carpet extractors as well as a good carpet cleaner is a powerful way to remove even the worst stains. There are two main kinds of extractors on the market today - heated and non-heated extractors. The kind of stain you are dealing with as well as the material should be considered when choosing the right extractor. You can get more information on carpet cleaners and extractors at

Saturday, March 14, 2009

XTreme Power XPH-5810CH

XTreme Power XPH-5810CH
Unrivaled by other carpet extractors on the market, Daimer® introduces the XTreme Power ® XPH-5810CH, dual-function machine for cleaning carpets and hard floors. At high temperatures up to 150 ºF, the XPH-5810CH dual-function hard surface and carpet extractors use heat to achieve superior cleaning results. And, as an added benefit, these carpet extractors reach full temperature in only 15 minutes. As with all of Daimer®’s carpet extractors, the XTreme Power ® XPH-5810CH features low-flow technology, leaving carpets drier than other carpet extractors available. In fact, carpets cleaned with the XPH-5810CH and carpet wand dry in as little as 4 hours!

With 150 psi pump pressure, the XPH-5810CH carpet extractors are highly effective at cleaning hard surfaces, through the use of the 12”4-jet squeegee wand. With pressure, heated water flow, and simultaneous extraction, the XPH-5810CH cleans porous surfaces and other hard surfaces more effectively than even a dry vapor steam cleaner.

The XTreme Power ® XPH-5810CH dual-function hard surface and carpet extractors are designed to clean a wide variety of surfaces, including carpet vinyl floors, VCT, sealed and unsealed concrete, sealed and honed tile, linoleum, unsealed/porous floors, limestone, tile, marble, quarry, travertine, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, decks, walkways, breezeways, and more. To read about the many uses of Daimer®’s dual-function hard surface and carpet extractors, visit

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Industrial Carpet Extractors

Industrial Carpet Extractors
Carpet extractors often do not offer the power required by industrial users. That is why Daimer ® offers super-powerful industrial carpet extractors for virtually any industrial application. Many of these machines look like other carpet cleaners in appearance. They are equally as mobile as less powerful models. However, Daimer®’s XTreme Power ® industrial carpet cleaners may fool assumptions based on appearance alone.

These carpet extractors feature high water lifts and air flows for the most powerful extraction capabilities. However, unlike other carpet extractors which require up to 24 hours for carpets to fully dry, Daimer®’s industrial models feature low-flow technology. These industrial carpet extractors work like this: they put water and solution into the carpet and extract out the water, solution, dirt, grime, and more. This is actually a low-moisture carpet cleaning process. That means that these carpet extractors work more effectively and leave carpets drier than other carpet extractors. In fact, the XTreme Power ® carpet extractors allow carpets to dry in as few as 2 hours!

It is important to remember that even those carpet extractors designated for industrial use can be used for both industrial and demanding commercial applications. Hotels, hospitals, retail locations, carpeted industrial facilities, and other facilities where traffic is high can benefit from the powerful extraction capabilities of Daimer®’s industrial carpet extractors. To learn more about these powerful carpet extractors, visit

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carpet Extractors

Carpet Extractors
Daimer ® offers the most powerful, fastest drying carpet extractors in the industry. One of Daimer®’s low-moisture carpet extractors is the XTreme Power ® XPH-9300. Using low-flow technology, these carpet extractors clean carpets while leaving them much drier than other carpet extractors on the market, which often suggest leaving carpets to dry for 24 hours! The XPH-9300 carpet extractors clean carpets more thoroughly, while allowing them to dry in only 2 hours!

Carpet extractors work by spraying solution and/or water onto carpets. The carpet extractors then lift up anything in the carpet, including the water, solution, dirt, debris, and more. However, many carpet cleaners leave carpets too wet. Repeat use can damage the carpets or, worse, the flooring beneath. That is why it is so important to use a low-flow carpet extractor like the XTreme Power® XPH-9300.

Using heat, these carpet extractors also offer greater cleaning power than non-heated carpet extractors. The XPH-9300 can reach highly effective cleaning temperatures of 210ºF. And, with two powerful in-line heating elements, these carpet extractors can reach full cleaning temperature in only 3-5 minutes.

Clearly, the XTreme Power® carpet extractors are the ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications where time is limited and dry carpets are essential, like auto detailing, commercial carpet cleaning, and more. To learn more about the benefits of low-flow carpet extractors, visit