Monday, April 15, 2013

Portable Extractors: Simplifying Commercial Carpet Maintenance

portable carpet extractor
Carpet maintenance in high-traffic areas like offices, retail stores, malls, or boutiques is a challenging task that demands the use of the best cleaning machines. Vacuuming simply does not help extract the tough dirt deposits, mud, and stains on carpet surfaces. It is also ineffective in eliminating particulate deposits trapped between the carpet fibers. Cleaning experts, therefore, recommend using the best portable extractors for carpet cleaning in commercial settings.

In commercial environments, cleaning professionals must be able to clean the carpets and ensure that they are dry and usable within a few hours. For this reason, the latest versions of portable extractors now come with low flow technology that enables efficient cleaning while keeping water consumption minimal. Since the carpets do not get too wet when cleaned with low-flow portable extractors, the drying rates are exceptionally high, allowing the carpets to dry completely in one to six hours.

To ensure reliable and efficient performance for years even with daily use for extended periods, the portable extractors from leading suppliers come with solid construction and high-grade components. The quality heating systems in heated versions of commercial carpet cleaner machines help generate hot moisture at consistently high temperatures even across long hours of use.

Portable extractors, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, will be perfect for maintaining carpets in commercial areas. Featuring the low-flow technology, this rug washer helps keep water usage to a minimum. It comes with large solution and recovery tanks, so that users can continue cleaning carpets for long periods without refilling or disposing water.