Monday, June 29, 2009

Carpet Extractors - The Extra Auto Detailing Edge

Carpet Extractors
Carpet extractors are useful cleaning machines that can make almost any auto interior and upholstery look like new. As time goes by, vehicle interiors can pick up a lot of stains and dirt deposits. These can include relatively easy-to-clean substances like food crumbs or sand that settles in the foot-wells. But some dirt deposits aren’t as easy to clean. Things like paint or beverage spills can be very hard to get out of vehicle upholstery. Carpet extractors go a step further with interior auto detailing and tackle stains that ordinary carpet cleaners can’t get rid of.

Carpet extractors from Daimer® are the perfect way to deal with stains that are ground in deep into the upholstery or that have hardened over time. For example, let’s say that an ordinary soda spill happens on one of the backseats of your car. You’ll notice that even after you’ve wiped it up, the stain will darken and become hard. The area may also remain sticky, attracting dust and germs. With deposits like this, carpet extractors literally soak and lift the stain right out of the material. For very stubborn stains or hardened deposits, heated extraction units can be used.

For best results in auto detailing, it is necessary to pre-spray the carpet or upholstery prior to extraction. These machines will also ensure that deposits that may cause foul odors are also eliminated completely from your vehicle upholstery. More information on carpet cleaning equipment and a number of other cleaning machines can be found at the site