Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carpet Extractors for Commercial Use in Retail Outlets and Offices

Heated Industrial Carpet Extractors
The appearance of your retail outlet can make a huge difference to the foot traffic that your business attracts. A badly maintained shop or office can spell doom for your business even if you have the best products and services to offer. Powerful cleaning equipment, such as carpet extractors, can work wonders for your business.

Daimer® supplies some of the best carpet extractors for cleaning and maintenance of commercial areas, such as retail shops, offices, restaurants, and hotels. Commercial and industrial carpet cleaning machines, including the XTreme Power® XPH-9600, are capable of transforming the carpets of your business from dull, dirty, and soiled to clean, fresh, and hygienic quickly and efficiently.

Many operators still use toxic cleaning chemicals that can damage the surface and cause harm to the environment. After all, chemical solutions are required to increase the cleaning power and efficiency of a carpet cleaner. As a safe alternative to toxic chemicals, Daimer® offers Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner that can be used along with any of their cleaning machines. Carpet extractors, when used in conjunction with these powerful cleaning solutions, can eliminate deep-set stains and grime from carpets and upholstery. Vacuums attached to these machines extract the residual liquid neatly, leaving the carpets looking fresh and new.

Commercial carpet cleaners from Daimer® come equipped with low flow technology. These machines use very little water and rely more on vacuum power and heating capacity to remove stains and dirt from carpets and upholstery. Heated machines, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, leave carpets dry in as little as two hours. Fast drying prevents mold and mildew from forming in the carpets and prevents bad odors.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Commercial Applications of Carpet Extractors

Low-Flow Carpet Shampooer
Carpet extractors, or carpet cleaners, have a number of commercial uses. They are used in retail stores, hospitals, and hotels, among many other commercial facilities. Many managers know that the appearance and cleanliness of a commercial building play an important role in the success of the business. Therefore, they ensure that the best carpet extractors are used for cleaning the building.

Here is an overview of the major commercial uses of carpet cleaning machines.

Retail Stores
Almost all good retail shops have mats and rugs throughout the shop. Without proper care, the carpet tends to lose its sheen with time. If not cleaned regularly, the mats and carpets will soon start appearing muddied and worn out.

Cleaning with carpet extractors is a relatively easy process. The shop workers can do the job themselves. Regular cleaning ensures not just the good appearance of the shop but the long life of carpets too.

Hospitals pay detailed attention to cleanliness and neat appearance. Cleanliness and hygiene are mandatory for any good hospital. Mats and carpets can attract a load of dust and dirt every day, depending upon the traffic through the area. Regular use of good quality carpet extractors will make sure that the carpets will look sparkling clean the next day. Machines such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300 features low flow technology for quickly drying carpets and rug. This allows the area to be used again much quicker without inconveniencing guests or customers.

Experienced cleaning workers know that using cleaning machines from good distributors is as important as the regularity of use. Daimer®, a major supplier of cleaning machines, offers a variety of commercial carpet extractors.

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