Friday, June 8, 2012

Portable Carpet Cleaners for Efficient Auto Detailing

Portable Carpet Cleaners for Efficient Auto Detailing
Portable carpet cleaners can make carpet cleaning jobs fast and easy. One area where they have proven to be practically indispensable is in interior auto detailing. Cleaning vehicle interiors has always been a challenging task, mainly because we do not realize how dirty the car interiors can get. A soda spill on the couch at home will be doused with soap and water and cleaned up pretty quickly. But a soda spill on a car seat is treated very differently. More often than not, these spills are just wiped up and forgotten. Apart from that, vehicle interiors attract a lot of dirt and debris and get very little ventilation. Portable carpet cleaners are well equipped to deal with the demands of interior detailing.

Getting Inside the Problem
Interior detailing poses two very challenging problems - one, these difficult stains need to be removed completely and secondly, the upholstery needs to be dried out completely. Portable carpet cleaners with low water flow technology are ideally suited to deal with both of these challenges. First, the upholstery needs to be sprayed with an eco-friendly cleaning agent which will break down the dirt deposits. Then a portable carpet extractor will inject water into the upholstery. The machine’s extraction powers will work to remove the dirt and even ground-in stains and deposits.

These portable carpet cleaners do not leave the interiors soaking wet after cleaning. Since less water is used, the upholstery can dry out completely in just a couple of hours. The portable carpet cleaners from Daimer® not only offer a better cleaning solution; it also provides a better drying methodology.