Monday, September 20, 2010

Carpet Extractors for a Fresh Interior

Carpet Extractors for a Fresh Interior
Due to the amount of vehicles on the road, auto detailing has become a popular industry. These businesses clean vehicles both inside and out. As part of auto detailing, experts know that cleaning a carpet is essential to give the car a fresh look. For this, carpet extractors are the best suited cleaning machines.

Deeper stains require a more powerful cleaning method. Dirt on the surface may easily be able to be vacuumed away. However, dirt and stains that have penetrated deep into the carpet may be more difficult to remove. Leaving the debris there may help promote odors, mold, germs, and mildew. This is why many professionals use carpet extractors to ensure the job is fully completed.

These machines extract dirt from carpets using water or water mixed with a cleaning solution. Before starting to clean, carpets must be pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution. The operator then uses the carpet wand of the machine to inject water and more solution into the carpet. Upon agitation with the carpet wands, the machine lifts up the dirt, stain, and debris along with the water and cleaner.

Spilling soda, milk, or other liquids in the car is very common, especially when children are involved. Carpet extractors effectively remove a large variety of stains on these surfaces. Quality machines, such as Daimer®’s XTreme Power® XPH-5800TU, offer pressure levels of 100 psi and temperatures of up to 150°F. This machine allows carpets to dry in as little as four hours and upholstery in as little as one.

Using carpet extractors with a carpet cleaning solution is especially useful for cleaning the carpet in the car. Daimer® offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions in their Eco-Green® line of cleaners. Consider the Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner for cleaning vehicle interiors and other carpet and upholstery cleaning applications.

Daimer® delivers the most effective, powerful, and durable carpet extractors in the industry with advanced technologies, high-quality components, and extended warranties. For more information about their products, visit