Monday, September 16, 2013

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Casino Cleaning Machine?

commercial carpet extractor
One of the first things noticeable about high-end casinos is their furnishing. Casinos use plush carpets and furniture with comfortable upholstery. For casino cleaning, carpet cleaning machines that are efficient and designed for commercial use are required.

A commercial carpet extractor is suitable for cleaning carpets and fabric upholstery. Usually, a carpet extractor, also called a carpet cleaner or carpet shampooer, has temperatures as high as 210°F. This machine is suitable for cleaning very dirty, greasy carpets. Hot water also works out the stains from the carpets, making them appear brighter.

Regular carpet cleaning enhances carpet life and keeps the carpets looking glossy for years. Dust tends to make the carpets dull, which is why cleaning these surfaces on a regular basis is highly recommended. Only a high-quality carpet cleaner is suitable for casino cleaning.

Some carpet cleaners have lower temperatures, of up to 140°F, but they are suitable for commercial cleaning where carpets are not very dirty and very high temperatures are not needed. In addition, many carpets cannot withstand too much heat, so lower levels of heat are ideal for washing these carpets.

Some contractors use machines without heating devices for casino cleaning. These machines cannot heat water, but accept hot water at the inlet for carpet washing. These machines cost less than heated carpet cleaners.

Casino cleaning is easier, if the carpet cleaners are used in combination with an eco-friendly detergent. These biodegradable chemicals do not impact the environment adversely. They are non toxic, non hazardous, and do not cause fires, so choosing the right products for casino cleaning is important.