Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why a Good Quality Carpet Extractor Can Cut Down Carpet Cleaning Time Considerably

Quality Carpet Extractor
If you want to keep your carpet spotlessly clean and free from virtually all dirt and stains, then you need to get a good quality carpet extractor. Such machines can be used to clean carpets with a wide degree of filth; however, these are perfect for cleaning carpets in commercial facilities.

A carpet extractor can also be used to penetrate into the deeper layers of carpets and extract hidden dirt, debris, and grime. Heated versions are popular among cleaning professionals, due to their ability to break down dirt build-up caused by chemical spills and other substances, such as oil, grease, dye, and gum wads.

A heated carpet extractor uses heat energy to break dirt build-ups into smaller molecules, which are then pulled out from the carpet surface using the powerful extraction capabilities of the machine. You do not need to use towels and brushes to remove the residues. The best carpet cleaners come with a pump that sucks up all the dirt, leaving behind a carpet that is fresh, hygienic, and as good as new.

Cleaning and maintaining industrial carpets can be a challenging task, but with the right type of carpet extractor, you can get the job done quickly and without much physical effort. Advanced carpet cleaning machines come with a low flow technology. Such machines use less amount of water to clean, minimizing drying times. A carpet extractor with this technology can clean carpets, ensuring that they dry in as little as 2 hours.

Carpet cleaning equipment from reputed brands feature heavy-duty vacuum motors, auto-fill and auto-dump, inline heating, and low flow technology.