Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tips to Choose Carpet Extractors for Auto Detailing

Carpet Extractors for Auto Detailing
Carpet extractors are used in auto detailing sector mainly for cleaning the interior parts of vehicles. Carpets, mats, and upholstery are soft surfaces. A good quality soft surface cleaner, like a carpet cleaning machine, is required to remove the impurities from soft surfaces.

Of the all major cleaning equipment, carpet cleaners are the best suited to clean soft surfaces. For cleaning soft surfaces, the machines do not need to have a high output pressure level. In fact, a machine with extreme power is not suitable for cleaning mats and carpets since the high-powered output could damage such surfaces. But it must be noted that just about any carpet cleaning machine does not do the job as well.

The following are some tips to select the right carpet extractors for auto detailing.

Heated Machines
There are basically two types of carpet cleaning machines: those that give non-heated output and those that give heated output. Needless to elaborate, heated carpet extractors often clean more efficiently than the non-heated ones. The heated output helps dissolve the filth and dust present on mats and carpets, and thereby makes the cleaning process quicker and more efficient.

Low Flow Technology
One of the major concerns in auto detailing is the drying time of the vehicles. Everybody wants the drying time to be as short as possible. One way to ensure the shortest possible drying time is to use carpet extractors equipped with the low flow technology. Daimer® offers machines in their XTreme Power® series, such as the XPC-5700U, capable of drying carpets in one to six hours.

Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning equipment, offers top carpet extractors equipped with low flow technology.