Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How Carpet Extractors Work

How Carpet Extractors Work
Carpet extractors, or carpet cleaners, are essential machines for cleaning carpets used within companies and large commercial institutions. Carpets, however, can contribute to the success or failure of a business. Carpets are usually the first thing a customer sees when he or she enters a shop. If it is clean and well-maintained, a positive impression about the shop or building is naturally formed in the minds of the customers. If the carpets are muddied and worn out, then they may choose to shop elsewhere.

In short, successful business persons know that keeping the mats and carpets clean and prolonging the life of the carpets can have a positive impact on the fortunes of the business. Buying good carpet extractors and using them regularly are the best way to help prolong the life of carpets. The following is an introduction on how these machines work.


Experts recommend purchasing carpet extractors from top suppliers such as Daimer®. Machines in their XTreme Power® series offer powerful cleaning capabilities and effective stain removal. To use their machines, first spray the surface with a good quality cleaning solution and allow to soak. Then agitate the surface with the hose attached to the machine. The agitation will result in the formation of dirt residue, which is then extracted by the machine.

How to Improve Efficiency

Daimer® offers carpet extractors with low flow technology. Such machines as the XTreme Power® XPH-9600, use less water during the cleaning process allowing carpets to dry in as little as two hours. Because carpets must be pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution, it is recommended to use a green cleaner such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner. Such chemicals can eliminate tough dirt and stains are safe for the operator, surface, and environment.

Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning products, offers both carpet extractors and green chemicals. For learning more about a host of cleaning products offered by Daimer®, visit

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Carpet Extractors – The Advantage of Using Heated Carpet Cleaners

heated carpet cleaning extractors
Carpet cleaners, or carpet extractors, have come a long way since their introduction to the market. These machines now offer superior cleaning capabilities paired with advanced technologies and cleaning specifications. With carpet cleaners as advanced as modern machines, cleaning carpets becomes easier and less laborious.

Heated carpet extractors are now seen as one of the best options to remove tough stains caused by various means. Cleaning machines, such as XTreme Power® series from Daimer Industries®, offers many advantages. The XTreme Power® XPH-5800T, for instance, heats water in just 15 minutes and includes Daimer®’s low flow technology, allowing carpets to dry quickly.

Low flow carpet extractors use very little water for cleaning carpets. The XTreme Power® XPH–5900I offers low flow technology and can also be used as a hot water carpet cleaner with temperatures capable of reaching 210°F. This machine is perfect for commercial applications, as carpets dry in as little as two hours and upholstery in as little as one hour. Quicker drying times prevent the formation of bacteria and mold, a common occurrence when carpets remain wet for long.

Carpet cleaners make it easy to keep your carpets and upholstery clean and fresh. Because carpets must be pre-sprayed, Daimer® recommends using a green cleaning solution, such as their Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, as a safe alternative to toxic chemicals. In addition, it is important to make certain the carpets and upholstery being cleaned can withstand heated temperature settings.

For more information on carpet extractors and the technologies from Daimer®, visit

Monday, September 20, 2010

Carpet Extractors for a Fresh Interior

Carpet Extractors for a Fresh Interior
Due to the amount of vehicles on the road, auto detailing has become a popular industry. These businesses clean vehicles both inside and out. As part of auto detailing, experts know that cleaning a carpet is essential to give the car a fresh look. For this, carpet extractors are the best suited cleaning machines.

Deeper stains require a more powerful cleaning method. Dirt on the surface may easily be able to be vacuumed away. However, dirt and stains that have penetrated deep into the carpet may be more difficult to remove. Leaving the debris there may help promote odors, mold, germs, and mildew. This is why many professionals use carpet extractors to ensure the job is fully completed.

These machines extract dirt from carpets using water or water mixed with a cleaning solution. Before starting to clean, carpets must be pre-sprayed with a cleaning solution. The operator then uses the carpet wand of the machine to inject water and more solution into the carpet. Upon agitation with the carpet wands, the machine lifts up the dirt, stain, and debris along with the water and cleaner.

Spilling soda, milk, or other liquids in the car is very common, especially when children are involved. Carpet extractors effectively remove a large variety of stains on these surfaces. Quality machines, such as Daimer®’s XTreme Power® XPH-5800TU, offer pressure levels of 100 psi and temperatures of up to 150°F. This machine allows carpets to dry in as little as four hours and upholstery in as little as one.

Using carpet extractors with a carpet cleaning solution is especially useful for cleaning the carpet in the car. Daimer® offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions in their Eco-Green® line of cleaners. Consider the Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner for cleaning vehicle interiors and other carpet and upholstery cleaning applications.

Daimer® delivers the most effective, powerful, and durable carpet extractors in the industry with advanced technologies, high-quality components, and extended warranties. For more information about their products, visit

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Benefits of Low Moisture Carpet Extractors

Benefits of Low Moisture Carpet Extractors
Carpet extractors provide superior cleaning capabilities for cleaning a wide variety of carpets and upholstery. In addition, features such as low moisture technology help reduce the amount of water consumed and the possibility of dirt, mold, and odors from appearing.

Carpet cleaners that use large amounts of water often leave the carpet extremely wet, in turn making the drying time up to 24 hours. Having damp, wet carpets without proper ventilation for drying could also result in the formation of mold, dirt, and odors within the carpet.

With low moisture carpet extractors, carpets dry in as little as two hours and upholstery as low as one hour. This helps minimize the possibility of dirt, germs, and mold from appearing in the carpet.

What Are Low Moisture Carpet Extractors?

Low flow machines are similar to other carpet cleaning machines in terms of appearance and functionality. The most important difference is the amount of water used during the cleaning process.

The quantity of output transferred to carpet surfaces from low moisture carpet extractors is lower than that of ordinary machines. That means less water is transferred to the surface, and consequently, the carpet surface dries more quickly.

This mechanism of lowering the quantity of the output is made possible by the use of low flow technology included in many of Daimer®’s machines, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-5900I. This machine has a pressure level of 100 psi and an adjustable temperature level up to 210°F. In addition, the XPH-5900I includes low flow technology that allows carpets to dry within 2 hours and upholstery to dry in as little as one hour. The appearance of this technology reduces water flow without reducing cleaning power.


Aside from minimizing the appearance of mold, germs, and odors, a carpet cleaner with low flow technology also has other advantages. For instance, wet carpets attract more dirt than dry carpets. Quicker drying times result in a less likelihood of dirt reappearing. It is also ideal for places with heavy foot traffic like hotels and restaurants so that carpets can dry before business hours.

Because carpets need to be pre-sprayed before cleaning, consider a non-toxic, eco-safe green cleaning chemical, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner. Using this green cleaner along with the carpet extractor will crystallize dirt for easy removal and help prevent dirt from re-adhering to the surface.

Daimer®, a premier distributor of cleaning products, offers excellent low moisture carpet extractors. For further details, visit

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Selecting the Best Carpet Extractors

Selecting the Best Carpet Extractors
Carpet extractors, also known as carpet cleaners or carpet shampooers, are widely used for residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning applications. These machines are useful for cleaning soft surfaces such as carpets, mats, and seat upholstery. The following are some tips to select the best quality carpet extractors.

Check Specifications
Knowing the specifications of a machine can help you choose the right carpet cleaner for the job. It is important to look for the tank size, temperature levels, pressure levels, and additional features that come with the machine.

Carpet extractors have two types of tanks – a solution tank and a recovery tank. The capacity of solution tanks can go up to 17 gallons and recovery tanks up to 15 gallons. For cleaning larger areas, often associated with commercial and industrial cleaning, bigger tanks are recommended. This eliminates the need to refill frequently. Auto fill and auto dump features, found in the most advanced carpet cleaners, enable non-stop cleaning.

Pressure Levels and Temperature
Carpet cleaners work with relatively modest pressure levels, ranging from 65 psi to 500 psi. Pressure levels must be high for industrial and commercial cleaning. It is important to know beforehand if your carpet or upholstery is capable of withstanding higher temperatures and pressure levels of industrial machines.

A heated machine can reach up to 210°F. Many delicate carpets and surfaces may shrink, melt, or bleed under high specifications. For these applications, cold water machines are advised. Keep in mind that heated carpet cleaners do supply the greatest level of cleaning power.

To increase the cleaning power of either heated or non heated systems and eliminate the possibility of damaging carpets with toxic detergents, use a green cleaner, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner.


An important feature to look for with carpet extractors is low flow technology. This enables operators to clean with minimal water waste, without limiting cleaning power. Lower water usage translates to faster drying times, which reduces the chance of odor, mold, and bacteria growth.

Daimer®, a leading supplier of cleaning products, provides carpet extractors with a number of different features. For more details about these machines, log on to

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Importance of Selecting the Right Carpet Extractors for your Carpets

Carpets influence the look of your home, workplace, or other commercial and residential spaces. Dirty carpets take away from the beauty of their surroundings and can deter customers. However, keeping carpets clean in high-traffic areas is a challenge. Besides making the area look neglected, dirty carpets become breeding grounds for germs and harbor different types of allergens, which can present a huge health hazard. More people are therefore using carpet extractors for cleaning their carpets.

The type of carpet extractors you select depends on the type of carpet, level of dirt, and allergen sensitivity of people who live in the area. Daimer® sells heated and non-heated carpet extractors. While most buyers prefer to purchase a heated machine for their versatility and powerful cleaning properties, a cold water carpet shampooer has advantages as well.

Carpet extractors that use cold water are cheaper and use less electricity. Some types of carpets are prone to damage, particularly if heat is applied. Velvet carpets, with their smooth glossy finish, are delicate and cannot withstand heat. Antique carpets and Persian carpets often lose their sheen and shape under high temperature.

Some businesses prefer to glue the carpet to the floor to keep it in place. High temperatures of carpet shampooers tend to melt the glue and loosen the carpet, leading to bunching. Carpets with propylene fibers suffer damage even with moderate levels of heat. Therefore, you should use carpet cleaners on “cold water” mode if you are using Daimer®’s tri-mode carpet extractors. For additional cleaning power, consider using Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner. For more information on the different features offered, visit

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Carpet Extractors: Low-Flow Technology and Its Advantages

Advantages of Carpet Extractors
Low-flow carpet extractors use minimal water for cleaning carpets. It is a common misconception that carpet cleaning requires large amounts of water, particularly when completed on a commercial scale. If you have contracts for cleaning carpets, sofas and chair covers, car seats, rugs, and other upholstery, the use of excessive amounts of water will leave these surfaces soaked, requiring up to 24 hours or more to dry completely. In addition, this excessive dampness for lengths of time can lead to mold and mildew growth. In the case of restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses, this extended period of time for which they cannot use their carpets is simply not an option. To provide the best carpet cleaning services to these types of clients, consider low flow machines.

Powerful Dirt Removal
Carpet extractors that use the low-flow technology offer the same cleaning power without using extreme quantities of water. For example, Daimer®’s XTreme Power® XPH-5900i is a hot water carpet cleaner with temperatures reaching 210°F. This machine has powerful vacuum extraction capabilities, with a water lift of 100 inches and air flow rate of 100 cfm. The water heats in as little as five minutes, reducing the waiting time and increasing productivity for commercial applications. Large water storage tanks also increase productivity by facilitating continuous operation.

Drying Time
Low-flow carpet extractors from Daimer® have a second advantage. These machines reduce drying time to 6 hours or less, compared with other carpet cleaners that require 24 hours or more to dry. Incompletely dried carpets encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. These can cause diseases ranging from allergies to food poisoning.

To get the best out of your carpet extractors, use them with green cleaning products rather than regular toxic detergents. Daimer®’s Eco-Green® carpet cleaning products combine natural ingredients with well-researched Micro-Blasting® technology. This results in effective washing, longer period of dirt-free carpets, with no resulting toxic runoffs or dangerous detergent residue in the carpet. Visit for more information on their low-flow carpet extractors.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Benefits of Using Heated Carpet Cleaners over Non-Heated Models

Benefits of Using Heated Carpet Cleaners
Many carpet extractors provide heated output. While conventional machines often relied on the agitation efficiency of the operator and cleaning chemicals used, newer models have the added benefit of high output temperatures. These temperatures, along with effective cleaning solutions, greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency of the machine. The following are some reasons why heated carpet extractors are a better choice than the non-heated models.

Heated machines provide an output temperature up to 210°F. The high temperature output helps in melting dirt residues that are otherwise hard to remove. As a result, heated carpet extractors can clean more stubborn and hard-bound residues than their non-heated counterparts.

Drying Time
Drying time is one of the most important considerations of carpet cleaning. Shorter drying times are a must for most business establishments. Low flow carpet cleaners with heated output ensure the shortest drying time. Machines with low flow technology use little amounts of water during the cleaning process, allowing carpets to dry quicker.
Carpet cleaners from Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning products, ensure a drying time between one to six hours. This is beneficial for retails shops, hotels, and other similar commercial buildings.

Eco Friendly Cleaners
The cleaning power of heated carpet extractors is powerful enough to clean difficult and stubborn stains. When used along with green cleaning chemicals, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, the power of heated carpet extractors can be enhanced even further while remaining eco-friendly and safe for the user. Toxic chemicals often ruin carpets and may cause health effects toward the user, but using green chemicals will ensure safety to the environment and people who encounter the chemical.

Daimer® offers both heated carpet extractors and green chemicals. For more details, visit .

Monday, May 17, 2010

Carpet Extractors with Hot Advantage

Carpet Extractors with Hot Advantage
Residential carpet extractors are often powerful enough to tackle conventional cleaning needs of lightly soiled carpets. However, many instances require a little extra cleaning power. Some carpets have several stains and sticky residue that seep deep into them. In these cases, ordinary carpet cleaning units will not effectively remove the stain. Steam carpet cleaners are usually a safe bet to remove tough stains and sediment. However, is important to clear up some common misconceptions about steam carpet cleaners and learn how they are different from ordinary carpet extractors.

Contrary to what many people think, steam carpet extractors do not actually work with steam. They use hot water to soften and dissolve stains and sediments from carpets and upholstery. The XTreme Power® XPH-5800T from Daimer® offers heating temperatures of 150°F and a moderate pressure level of 100 psi. It is also important to note that although high temperatures clean more effectively, you will need an anti-bacterial steam cleaner to sanitize surfaces.

Carpet extractors have a number of advantages useful for cleaning. The XPH-5800T heats up in 15 minutes and allows for quick drying times of as little as four hours. With the ability to heat water, the XPH-5800T can clean more effectively than hand scrubbing with brushes and chemicals. When used with a green cleaning solution, such as Eco-Green® Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, carpet cleaners offer a safer, more effective alternative than using toxic chemicals. However, it is important to ensure the carpet can withstand the heat generated by these machines. Some natural fibers like wool and certain synthetic fibers can shrink or melt under high temperatures. More information is available on carpet extractors and other cleaning units at

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tips to Use Carpet Extractors for Auto Detailing

Carpet Extractors for Auto Detailing
Carpet extractors or carpet cleaners are widely used for cleaning the interior of automobiles. These machines extract all types of dirt and dust from carpets, mats, and seat upholstery. The following are some tips to select the most suitable carpet extractors for cleaning the interior parts of automobiles.

How It Works

It is important to understand how a carpet cleaner works to make an informed purchasing decision. These machines inject water and a cleaning agent into mats, carpets, or seat upholstery. The operator can agitate the surface using a wand attached to the machine, which results in the formation of the dirt residue and cleaning solution. The dirt residue is then extracted by the machine. For best results, pre-spraying the carpet or upholstery with a green carpet cleaner, like Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner, is suggested.

Heated or Non-heated Model

Broadly, one can classify carpet extractors into two types: machines that provide heated output or those that provide non-heated output. Heated models, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU from Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning equipment, provide a maximum output temperature of 210°F and are more efficient than the non-heated machines. Although the cleaning power of non-heated machines can be enhanced with cleaning chemicals, the addition of heat can help loosen and eliminate stains much easier. In addition, pressure levels up to 100 psi make this machine ideal for cleaning stains and dirt from a number of surfaces.

Low Flow Technology

The XPH-5900IU includes Daimer®’s special low flow technology, designed to allow carpets to dry in as little as two hours. For auto detailing, it is better to select machines with this feature to eliminate the possibility of mold, bacteria, and odors from forming within the fabric. Owners and drivers of automobiles prefer to get the vehicle back as early as possible. Machines with low flow technology ensure a quick drying time, allowing auto detailers to return the vehicle quickly.

Proper Tools

Lastly, interior auto detailing requires cleaning of carpets and upholstery in small nooks and crannies. To achieve best results, look for a specialized upholstery tool, like the one that comes standard with the XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Low-Moisture Carpet Extractors — What Makes Them So Effective?

Low-Moisture Carpet Extractors
Daimer®, the leading supplier of advanced cleaning machines, offers the XTreme Power® range of carpet extractors empowered with the innovative low-flow, low-moisture technology. This low-flow technology ensures minimal water usage during the cleaning process without limiting cleaning power. It greatly enhances the cleaning process and cuts down on the time required for carpets to dry.

Here is a closer look at the advantages offered by the XTreme Power® series of low-moisture carpet cleaners:
  • Traditional carpet cleaners use large amounts of water for cleaning and leave carpets extremely wet. These carpets have to be left out for about 24 hours to dry completely. However, carpet extractors equipped with low-moisture technology utilize very little water for cleaning, thus enabling carpets to dry in about 1 to 6 hours.
  • If carpets get too wet during the cleaning process and are not dried properly, they can develop mold or mildew and give off foul odors. Low-moisture carpet extractors help eliminate this risk by utilizing very little moisture for cleaning.
  • In commercial or high-traffic areas like hospitals, malls, retail stores, or offices, cleaning professionals are required to deep clean carpets and have them available for use in the shortest possible time. Low-flow carpet extractors are greatly beneficial in such situations, since they will leave carpets clean and dry in a couple of hours.
  • The low-moisture steam generated by these carpet cleaners make them ideal for detailing vehicle interiors or maintaining upholstered furniture.

Check out the extensive range of low-moisture carpet extractors at .

Monday, March 29, 2010

Non-Heated Carpet Extractors — How Good Are They?

Non-Heated Carpet Extractors
Carpet cleaning is a tough job regardless of location or type of carpet you are cleaning. However, you can greatly simplify the carpet cleaning process if you use the best carpet extractors available. With the staggering range of carpet cleaning machines on the market today, you can easily find an affordable, quality version that meets your needs. If you need a carpet cleaner that guarantees high standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency, make sure you purchase one from Daimer®, the industry's leading supplier.

With advanced cleaning technologies and top-quality components, the XTreme Power® series of carpet cleaning machines from Daimer® stands out from the crowd with advantages like user-friendly operation, superior cleaning power, and hassle-free maintenance. The non-heated carpet extractors are especially notable for their low-flow technology that uses very little water during the cleaning process and allows carpets to dry out in about 6 hours. The fast drying time is a great benefit for auto detailers and cleaning services since it enables them to clean and deliver dry carpets or automobiles in a matter of hours. On the other hand, traditional carpet extractors leave carpets so wet it takes at least 24 hours to completely dry.

Since non-heated carpet extractors like the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U do not feature any heating elements, they are considerably more light-weight, compact, and portable than the heated versions. Such carpet cleaners are excellent for light-duty cleaning jobs or routine cleaning tasks that do not require the aggressive cleaning power of steam or hot water.

For more information on the advantages of using non-heated carpet extractors, visit

Monday, March 1, 2010

Here’s Why Heated Carpet Extractors Are Best for Commercial Applications

Carpet Extractors-XPH9300
Carpets that experience high amounts of traffic such as those in offices, stores, or restaurants, are exceptionally difficult to keep clean. However, you do not need to call in professionals to do the job. Heated versions of carpet extractors available from the industry's top distributors are capable of accomplishing superior cleaning results that often surpass the results offered by professional cleaning services. To purchase the best quality carpet cleaning machines available on the market today, turn to reputable suppliers like Daimer®.

The XTreme Power® range of advanced carpet extractors from Daimer® are empowered with innovative technologies that ensure exceptional cleaning and faster drying of carpets. The unique low-flow technology helps clean carpets with a minimal amount of water so they are able to dry out faster. In fact, these carpet cleaning machines will leave carpets dry in as few as one to six hours. Other cleaning machines require at least 24 hours. The low moisture content in the steam generated by these carpet extractors also helps minimize the risk of foul odor, mold, or mildew.

One of the most popular carpet extractors in this range is the XTreme Power® XPH-9300. To enable effective carpet cleaning across long hours in vast commercial areas, this carpet shampooer comes with a 15-gallon recovery tank and a 17-gallon solution tank. The high steam temperature of 210ºF enables the XTreme Power® XPH-9300 to remove the most difficult dirt deposits and stubborn stains. Learn more details about these carpet extractors at

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tips on Selecting Carpet Extractors for Industrial Cleaning

Tips on Selecting Carpet Extractors

Carpet extractors are commonly known as carpet cleaners. These machines are used for extracting dirt and impurities from carpets, mats, and seat upholstery in residential and commercial cleaning environments. The following are some tips on how to select suitable carpet extractors for industrial cleaning applications.

Check Specifications
Like the majority of other cleaning equipment, the most important specifications to look for in a carpet cleaner are the output temperature and pressure level. The maximum temperature a carpet cleaner can provide is 210°F. A majority of carpets, mats, and seat upholstery can withstand this high temperature, though delicate carpet fibers may not. Higher temperatures enable operators to quickly dissolve stains for easier extraction.

Industrial job applications also require a higher output pressure level. Therefore, carpet extractors used for industrial cleaning should have an output pressure level of 500 psi. Machines used for non-industrial environments and less intense cleaning should have a pressure level of 100-150 psi.

Choose Larger Tanks
Carpet extractors contain two types of tanks: a boiler tank and a recovery tank. For industrial cleaning processes, one can get machines with a boiler tank size of 17 gallons. Similarly, the recovery tank of industrial cleaning machines can be as large as 15 gallons.

Choose the Right Brand
Daimer® is a premier supplier of cleaning products and machines. It offers many top class carpet extractors in its XTreme Power® series. One may check out the details of these models, carpet cleaning machines and other cleaning products at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Excellent Carpet Cleaners for Commercial Applications

Excellent Carpet Cleaners

When it comes to effectively cleaning carpets in high traffic areas like offices, stores, or restaurants, it is important to choose carpet extractors from top suppliers, like Daimer®. With rugged construction and high-quality components, Daimer's carpet cleaners offer superior cleaning results that can surpass what is offered by professional carpet cleaning services.

What sets the XTreme Power® series of carpet extractors apart from competitors is Daimer's use of high quality components and advanced technologies. Every carpet cleaning system by Daimer® utilizes special low-flow technology. This technology uses very little water during the cleaning process, which in turn speeds up the drying time of carpets and upholstery. Traditional carpet shampooers use high water levels for cleaning carpets, leaving them so wet that they can take up to 24 hours to dry completely. On the other hand, carpet extractors in the XTreme Power® range that use less water for cleaning, allowing carpets to dry in about 1 to 6 hours. Since these carpet cleaners use less moisture, there is little water is wasted. Lower moisture levels and faster drying periods also help prevent the development of mold and mildew on carpets.

One example of a carpet cleaner designed for commercial applications is the XTreme Power® XPH-9300. Such carpet extractors inject steam at temperatures up to 210°F into carpets to remove nearly all stains and hardened residues. In addition, these carpet cleaners also feature large recovery tanks and solutions tanks to enable continuous cleaning of commercial facilities.

Learn how these carpet extractors can help you maintain your commercial premises by visiting