Friday, May 29, 2009

Carpet Extractors – Your Perfect Cleaning Partner To Attack Tea Or Coffee Stains

A coffee or tea stain can ruin your carpet – especially if the carpet is of a light shade. And everyone knows how hard it is to get rid of such stubborn stains. Scrubbing rigorously or Carpet Extractors- Cleaning Tea Or Coffee Stainsusing harsh chemicals to remove stains usually does more harm than good. So, is there a safe and effective way to save your carpets from such stains? Yes - with carpet extractors, cleaning your carpets and eliminating all kinds of tough stains is unbelievably simple.

Daimer® now brings you the XTreme Power ® range of carpet extractors that utilize the innovative and advanced low-moisture, low-flow technology with which your carpets will be cleaned like never before. Since very little water is used, these carpet extractors greatly aid in reducing the time required for drying your carpets. In fact the XTreme Power ® carpet cleaners bring down the drying time from the often suggested 24 hours to as little as 1-6 hours.

To enhance the cleaning results, Daimer® also brings you a great range of green carpet cleaning products. Combine the power of these non-toxic products with carpet extractors and you get an absolutely safe carpet cleaning solution for residential, industrial and commercial settings.

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