Sunday, May 22, 2011

Advantages of Choosing Heated Carpet Extractors

Heated Carpet Extractors
Carpets seem to absorb dirt and stains fast. It is especially applicable in the case of high traffic, carpeted areas such as restaurants, stores, malls and offices. This is primarily because of their absorbent nature. Another factor that leads to grimy carpets is that most people are unaware of advanced carpet cleaning technologies. As a result, they simply limit carpet maintenance to regular vacuuming sessions. It is time to change all that and give your carpets a complete makeover with high-quality carpet extractors.

Daimer® presents the XTreme Power® series of top-grade carpet extractors equipped with advanced technologies that guarantee excellent cleaning results and fast drying times. The low flow technology is the most notable of these advanced features. By cleaning carpets with minimal water, these carpet shampooers allow carpets to dry completely in just a few hours.

Traditional carpet extractors that use large amounts water for cleaning leave carpets dripping wet. These carpets need about 24 hours to dry well. However, XTreme Power® carpet cleaning machines equipped with low flow technology, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, helps carpets get dry in as little as two hours. Low water usage helps eliminate the risk of mold development, mildew, and foul odors.

One of the best-selling carpet extractors in this range of cleaners is the XTreme Power® XPH-9300. The super-heated vapor steam generated by this carpet cleaning machine, up to 210°F, instantly softens tough stains and stubborn grime on carpets. Since this carpet shampooer comes with large solution tank and recovery tank, it is perfect for managing heavy-duty cleaning jobs in industrial settings.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Carpet Extractors with a Heated Advantage

Carpet Extractors with a Heated Advantage
There are many different carpet extractors on the market today. For tackling the toughest types of carpet cleaning tasks, it is best to invest in a heated carpet cleaner. These are sometimes referred to as steam carpet cleaners but steam is not actually used in the cleaning process. These systems are ideal for cleaning sticky or hardened liquid spills on carpets. They can also be effective in removing grease stains or adhesive stains on carpets as well. Daimer® offers a number of heated carpet extractors that can tackle these kinds of stains without relying on harsh chemical cleaning products.

Carpet extractors that use hot water for cleaning offer a number of cleaning advantages. Daimer® carpet cleaners use water up to 210°F. This hot water goes a long way in breaking down hardened deposits that may have solidified deep into the carpet. Substances like grease and adhesives can be softened and dissolved in the hot water, making them much easier to remove. Deposits that consist of mixed debris can also be removed much easier with heated carpet cleaners.

The best way to use these heated carpet extractors is to spray the carpet first with an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, such as Damer®’s Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner. After about ten minutes, use the carpet cleaner to remove the cleaning solution and debris. Carpet extractors from Daimer®, such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, use a low water flow technology, relying more on suction power to remove dirt and debris. This allows the carpet to dry out much faster after cleaning, often in as little as two hours. For more information visit