Thursday, July 30, 2009

Low Flow Machines for Easy Cleaning

Most carpet extractors use too much water for cleaning. This has three drawbacks:
Low Flow Machines for Easy Cleaning
1. Scarcity of water can affect a carpet cleaning business.
2. Excessive water usage can increase costs associated with doing business
3. Carpets require hours to fully dry after cleaning.

Thanks to Daimer's low flow carpet extractors, even the most stubborn stains can be cleared away within minutes. Additionally, carpets dry in as few as 2-6 hours. Let’s look at a few of Daimer’s powerful models.

The XTreme Power® XPH-9600, suitable for commercial establishments, can heat water far more quickly than other machines. Use of low-flow technology also reduces the drying time to as little as two hours. The XTreme Power® XPH-9650 has an airflow rate of 200cfm and 150 inches water lift.

For commercial establishments that see a high degree of traffic, you need something that can clean carpets without requiring you to move them. The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 is a walk-behind machine that has a powerful pump and a broad cleaning path, making it ideal for frequent carpet cleaning in high traffic areas.

Some of Daimer's carpet extractors also feature auto-fill technology that allows you to keep cleaning without stopping to refill the water chamber. Auto-dump technology will automatically release the dirty water after cleaning into a designated drain or tank.

Without low-flow carpet extractors, you’re forced to use machines that need a lot of water for cleaning. The more water you use, the harder it is for the carpet to dry. If the carpet is not 100% dry when put it back into use, fungi can grow on floors and on the carpet’s surface. This can be bad for health and cause allergies in your employees and customers. Daimer's carpet extractors with low-flow technology prevent this by ensuring that carpets dry out completely within just a few hours after cleaning. See more at