Friday, January 4, 2013

What Aspects to Look For In a Commercial Carpet Shampooing Machine?

Carpet Shampooing Machine
It is almost impossible to effectively maintain large, carpeted areas in commercial settings without a powerful carpet shampooing machine. The high traffic is primarily responsible for the considerable amount of dust, dirt, mud, grease, and other deposits that find their way into the carpets in places, such as restaurants, retail stores, malls, schools, and theaters. Such tough applications demand the use of powerful and heated models of carpet shampooers.

Carpet Cleaning was Never so Simple
A top-grade carpet shampooing machine available from the best supplier in the industry features the latest technologies designed to simplify carpet cleaning applications, cuts down the time needed for cleaning processes, enhances the end result, and gets the carpets dry as soon as possible. The carpet extractor systems also come with advanced extraction and disposal system intended to improve productivity.

A carpet shampooing machine with high temperatures works better in dissolving tough deposits and stains from carpets. The low flow technology ensures lower use of water and guarantees that carpet dry faster. To make it easier for users to move around while cleaning, the carpet shampooing machine must be portable as well.

The XTreme Power® XPH-5800T from Daimer® is a commercial version of carpet shampooing machine empowered with low technology function, pressure levels of 170 psi, and efficient extraction capabilities. The tank heater heats water to temperatures as high as 150ºF in just 15 minutes. The carpet washer features low flow function that helps leave carpets dry in about four hours. The 25 feet long hose enables users to maintain around 200 square feet of carpeted areas without having to move the machine.