Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Uneven Floors Can Be Cleaned Using Stone Floor Cleaners?

Stone Floor Cleaners
There are very few machines that can be used for cleaning rough, uneven surfaces. Stone floor cleaners are among these rare few types of machines that are used for cleaning various kinds of floors, such as the ones made of linoleum, marble, stone, porous limestone tile, or rubber.

Stone floor cleaners are particularly useful for commercial cleaning applications because these machines are designed for cleaning large floor surfaces. These machines are used for cleaning basements, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, yards, parking lots, and other areas. Stone floor cleaners are generally carpet cleaners that feature a wand attachment with a spinner head. The spinner rotates and removes dirt from hard surfaces. The rotating motion of the spinner is powerful enough to remove different kinds of grime, including grease, mold, and similar matter from floors.

Some stone floor cleaners come with spinners that rotate using water pressure, which is ineffective in removing tough layers of grime. The best stone floor cleaners from brands like Daimer® feature motorized spinners which are more powerful and the rotating motion is, therefore, more effective in removing dirt. The company's hard floor cleaning systems like the XTreme Power ® HSC 13000 come with 19” and 9” motorized spinner heads for cleaning both small and large surfaces.

The most advanced stone floor cleaners feature simultaneous extraction, which reduces time and labor requirements for cleaning floors. Another interesting fact about these machines is there versatility. When used with the right wand, these machines can also be used as carpet cleaners, pressure washers, wall cleaning systems, and more. Hard surface cleaners have many other advantages, such as lowered decibel levels. These advantages have made stone floor cleaners the ideal choice for cleaning uneven, large hard surfaces.