Monday, March 11, 2013

How a High Quality Wand Ensures a Better Extraction In a Carpet Shampooing Machine?

Carpet Shampooing Machine
A carpet shampooing machine is used for cleaning carpets in commercial and domestic locations. If you are a contractor, you need to invest in a high-quality carpet shampooing machine that combines efficiency, affordability, and durability to offer fast, effective, and profitable cleaning.

Most contractors are not aware of the importance of the wand. A carpet shampooing machine may have different types of wands, depending on the application. If you are planning to clean fabric upholstery on furniture or on car seats, you need to invest in a smaller wand. This wand is usually four inches in dimension.

For regular carpet cleaning, you need a larger wand. This 12 inches wand is designed to help clean carpets efficiently. The best carpet shampooing machine has a durable, high-quality wand that is corrosion resistant. Whichever kind of wand you purchase, ensure that it is corrosion resistant because wands are exposed to high levels of detergents and other chemicals that could damage less durable materials like aluminum.

Modern wands from brands like Daimer® incorporate a special technology that allows up to 60 percent more suction, leaving carpets dry after washing. This is a particularly important feature considering that fast carpet drying is vital to preventing mold. In addition to special wands, high vacuum pressure and low-flow are the other features that enable faster drying of carpets. Whatever be your carpet cleaning requirements, they can easily be fulfilled using a carefully chosen carpet shampooing machine accessorized with the right wand.